Austro-Slovene-Italian Triangle

After the rest of Germany came back from Easter, we hit the road for a trip through the mountains from Regensburg to Graz, Austria to Lake Bled, Slovenia on the way to Verona, Italy. We had great weather most of the time. This was our second try on a few days in Verona, and we’re glad we gave it another shot. Continue reading Austro-Slovene-Italian Triangle

Bar Liston 12

The Joint

Piazza Brà, 14a
37122 Verona VR
Phone: +38 045 8031168


My buddy Brian and I have very similar tastes in food. I thought he’d flip out over an authentic (as in, in Italy) carbonara sauce, especially since he’d never had one before (right Brian?). It’s very, very high on my Top 5 All-Time Favorite Pasta Sauces.

Unfortunately, Bar Liston 12 is right at the top of my All-Time Worst Dining Experiences in Italy (granted, it’s a short list) due to the lousy noodles, rather cartilaginous pork (was that ham? bacon? sow’s ear?) and beaten raw egg yolk they purported to be Spaghetti Carbonara. It was just disgusting; almost as much as the fact that we paid exorbitant prices (something like €4 for a glass of Coke!) and stormed out of there in frustration and resorted to the special on cheeseburgers at the McDonald’s in Affi.

They were a much better deal, especially with regard to our satisfaction.


What. A. Nightmare.

This place is along what I can only assume is one of the main tourist-trappy areas of Verona – right on the circle surrounding the Arena. They serve sub-Stouffer’s quality food at obscenely inflated prices. We had tried to go to another place nearby, highly recommended by a friend who is something of an Italy-expert. Unfortunately, after a comedy of errors while trying to find the B&B, then trying to find parking in Verona while coping with the Italian style of driving, we showed up between the end of their lunch hours and the reopening for dinner.

It was raining. The trip through the city had been terrifying. We were wet, miserable, tired, stressed and HUNGRY. We just stumbled back to the main drag (in an effort not to get lost and overstay our parking) and decided to just eat something and get back out of the city before dark. The only thing that stands out about this place is the awfulness of the food. My ‘Lasagna al forno’ tasted like it came out of a can. A Chef Boyardee can. It is such a bummer that the worst Italian food I’ve ever had in my life was in Italy. But I feel like it’s my own fault.

It’s alright. We went home and made better food (puttanesca sauce with penne) than this joint could ever dream of serving.