Atmospheric Conditions

The weather has been mighty weird around here lately. We’re down in the South, so we’re not getting battered by hurricane-force storms like the North is, but we’re still feeling its effects. The clouds, when not sprinkling rain, freezing rain, or (less recently) dumping big soft fluffy snowflakes onto us, are racing across the sky, bringing dynamic shadows to our town. The Danube is overflowing its banks on the islands, but not quite yet on the city side. It’s not far off, either.

Once in a while, when the clouds and sun play nice together, we get a rosy sky at dusk around 16:45:
Pink Sky[exif id=”10524″]

We now resume the regularly scheduled winter

It got wintry again right after everything got all warm and moist. The transition period looked a little weird.

The river is behaving normally again; all the emergency barricades are hidden away. The water is still higher than normal and moving fast, but not alarmingly so. Cresting last week on the left, receding this week on the right:

I guess I’d rather be doing crunches…

…but all this coughing, and especially the doubling up while doing it laying down, must surely be strengthening my abs.

This is a naked mole rat.  I like to think I have better personal grooming habits, though I admire his boldness in wardrobe.I’ve been sick since Monday. Today was the first day since Tuesday that I’ve felt well enough to spend time not at work OUTSIDE the bed. What? Let’s try that again. I’ve been so sick that since Tuesday, if I wasn’t at work, you’d find me in bed (often working from there). There’s been too much potentially important stuff going on at work, what with the buy-out and re-org and such, that I have tried not to miss anything at all. But three weeks ago my boss, the Great Communicator of the department I work in, has already left the company, leaving me feeling a lot like this paragraph’s mascot. If he had pain sensations in his skin, I mean. OK, I just really wanted to use a naked mole rat in a post. Chalk it up to the chemical imbalance.

Any-hack-hack-hack-hock-ptoo, I seem to be feeling a little bit better every day since about Thursday, after getting a daily dose of ACC® akut Hustenlöser 600*. You can see how it works to clear the tangled web of my bronchial pathways if you click this link.

But why is this happening now? One reason might be because it’s freakin’ cold out there lately. Today’s high, even with full sunlight, is 41° F and tomorrow’s is 39° F. Yikes! The brand of apple juice we buy contains acerola concentrate in it as well, so I’ve been drinking liters of that stuff, heated up in a giant cappucino mug with a couple cinnamon sticks in it. I hope this is over with quickly.