WEBMU 2010 gets a shout out

Check out Young Germany’s article on this year’s meetup!

I took a look for the first time at their site today. I think that might have been a real help for us about 10 years ago when I was young applying at German companies in the Detroit area, hoping for a ticket to a return to life in Germany. Just clicking around, I watched a short video about Currywurst — when I saw Curry 36 in their montage of various Berliner Currywurst joints, I smiled remembering our visit there to/with alumni of our first meetup in Bremen.

WEBUM 2009 Munich

Another WEBMU is now behind us. I was very glad to see friends from last the last meetup in Bremen again, and sad that others couldn’t make it this time around. But that’s part of the experience, I guess. Some made it to this one who weren’t at the previous one, and some of those were new to me, and I’m glad to have met them, too.

I’m posting the best of the photos I took to the WEBMU Flickr group graciously administered by Snooker, and ones involving meetuppers will be marked private by default, unless said subjects give the OK to publish them publicly. Sarah and I don’t mind if any of the pictures you took of us are publicly or privately viewable. We’re pretty sure there’s nothing of us terribly incriminating anyone managed to capture.

So now, we get a few months to bask in the glory that this meetup provided, before the voting and planning cycle can start all over again. I’m excited. Big thanks from me to the driving forces behind the planning and execution of this meetup and to all the attendees. Our hosts showed what a great city Munich is to walk around or have a relaxing Biergarten meal and our participants reminded us (yet again) that while all we nominally have in common is being foreign bloggers, when we get together, we have a rockin’ good time.